Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I sign up for a Physical Education class? 

A: Students register for PEX classes on MyUNLV like they do all other academic classes.


Q: Where can I find the current list of Physical Education classes being offered? 

A: Students can view PEX Courses or view the classes in MyUNLV under the subject of PEX.


Q: I am not sure where my class is located.  How can I find out where my class is held?

A: Students can find out the location of their class in the PEX course listing  or look under class notes in MyUNLV.  If you still are unable to locate your class email


Q: Are some Physical Education classes offered off campus?

A: Yes, some classes are located at offsite locations like Camp Rhino, Red Rock Climbing and TaylorMade Golf Experience.  Students provide their own transportation to these classes.  The PEX website provides additional information about these locations. 


Q: Do PEX classes count for academic credit? 

A: PEX classes count for academic elective credit.  Talk with your advisor to find out how many PEX credits may apply towards your academic program.


Q: How much do the PEX classes cost? 

A: The cost of the class is the same set rate per credit as all other academic classes at UNLV. There might be special fees attached to some classes, just as with other UNLV courses. 


Q: Are there any additional fees for taking a PEX class?

A: Yes, most PEX classes have a special fee attached to the class.  Course fees related to the individual courses are listed on the web registration system per course. These fees are in addition to the per credit tuition and fees. 


Q: How do I pay for the Special Fee for the Physical Education Class?

A: All course related fees and other special fees are due when the student registers or adds the course.


Q: Why are there special fee charges for Physical Education classes?

A: The special fee assists in covering equipment replacement, facility fees, travel costs and/or additional fees that may incur due to the special needs of the class. 


Q: May I audit a Physical Education Class?

A: Students may audit a Physical education class.  Students wishing to audit a course pay the same fees as students enrolled for credit.


Q: What is the length of a PEX class?

A:  The length of the class depends on the type of class and the number of credits per class.  It is best to view the current class list to explore the options of times, days and length of classes. 


Q: Is attendance required for a Physical Education class?

A: Yes, attendance is required for a physical education class.  A large percentage of the student’s grade is attendance and participation.


Q: What is the level of instruction?

A: The level of the class will vary on the type of class.  Most classes are instructed at a beginner level but instructors will individually modify based on the skill of each student.  We also offer beginner, intermediate and advanced classes depending on the activity being offered.


Q: What additional academic components are incorporated into the PEX classes?

A: Students are required to complete a paper for each Physical Education class.  The topic of the paper will vary from class to class. 


Q: How do I find out who is instructing the PEX class I am interested in taking and their qualifications?

A: You can find out the instructor assigned to each class in MyUNLV or you can view the instructors and their qualifications on the PEX Website


Q: Where is Paradise Campus if my class is held there?

A: The Address for Paradise Campus is 851 East Tropicana Ave, Las Vegas NV  89119.  Paradise Campus is located at the corner of East Tropicana Ave and Bock Street (across from the Thomas and Mack Center).  There is plenty of parking available at Paradise Campus.  All parking permit requirements are enforced. View an interactive map of Paradise Campus. 


Q: How do I get access to the Student Recreation and Wellness Center (SRWC) if my class is held there?

A: Each student attending a physical education class in the SRWC is required to have a Rebel Card.  You may obtain a Rebel Card at the Rebel Card office in the Student Union next to Starbucks.  For hours:  Each student is required to bring their Rebel Card with them each day of class for access.


Q: Are there lockers available at the Student Recreation and Wellness Center? 

A: Day lockers are available on the first and third floor.  There are also lockers available for rent.  Bring your own lock for day use lockers.


Q: Are there lockers and showers available at the MPE?

A: There are lockers and showers available in the MPE for student use. Provide your own locks.


Q: Is equipment provided for the PEX classes?

A: We provide most equipment for each class.  Some classes require the students to check in and check out equipment. (i.e. golf and outdoor classes) 


Q: Is transportation, equipment and food provided for outdoor trips?

A: Transportation and food are provided for each outdoor trip.  Most equipment needed is available for students to checkout. 


Q: Where do students travel on an outdoor trip?

A: Location of the outdoor trips will vary from semester to semester.  Location of the trips will also vary on the type of class being offered.  Some examples of locations we have visited are Zion, Grand Canyon, Havasupai, and Black Canyon.  You may view the trip location in MyUNLV under class notes.  


Q: Are Physical Education classes offered during the summer?

A: Yes, we offer Physical Education classes during the summer.  Refer to MyUNLV or  PEX Courses for information.


If you have any additional questions please contact