Tai Chi provides a positive environment where I can connect to other similarly minded people

- Jeremiah

One thing I really like about Tai Chi is the fact that it teaches an individual that their power comes from within.

- Charles

when I am in this class I do feel like I leave my problems at the door and come into a more stress free version of myself.

- Jasmine

Since going to Tai Chi I feel more confident about being able to defend myself.

- Alex

Now that I know the basics of Tai Chi, I know that I can protect myself if I am ever in any situation.

- Sherina

Learning a new sport has been so much fun and it has helped reduce my stress from other classes. It is always the highlight to my day and I always look forward to it.

- Amanda

I have thoroughly enjoyed this class and Coach Slim Hamza is a great instructor who makes learning tennis easy and fun!

- Oliver

Not only has Cardio Kickboxing helped me release stress and anxiety, but it has also helped me grow mentally and physically.

- Lia

It has been great joining a class with others who have similar goals and to continuously be pushed by a great instructor and being told “you can do it!”

- Anneasha

Being that I am a part-time student and work full-time, Cardio Kickboxing has given me the energy to stay up late to finish pending assignments.

- Adrianna

Taking Cardio Kickboxing has made me a lot stronger and I now have more endurance.

- Maria

Taking Cardio Kickboxing has not only helped me increase my strength and endurance, but I can also  have gained knowledge that I can take with me as I continue to work on my fitness goals.

- Elizabeth

The most surprising thing I learned was not form or technique. I learned how mental mindset is just as important.

- Susan

This class has given me an extra boost of confidence!

- Annie

The environment in this class was full of support and empowerment!”

- Christina

This class has helped me grow physically and mentally.

- Kelsey

I will carry the lessons Shawnta has taught me throughout my life, she has made such a profound impact on me.

- Angela

This class was an excellent way for me to de-stress before my biology class.

- Jenna

Committing to working out is a big chore, but building it into your schedule makes it a lot easier.

- Brittany

Circuit training is an outstanding way to improve mobility, strength, and stamina all at the same time.

- John

I chose to register for my very first PEX class ever because I felt I needed a stable fitness setting in which I was reminded of a healthy lifestyle. Initially I was terrified and extremely nervous, but those feelings quickly diminished as I began to sweat it out in every class. This course has provided me with knowledge that I can and will apply to many other facets of my life.


- Alyssa

Taking self-defense helped me overcome the barriers of shyness and provided me with skills to defend myself in many dangers I am put through. The self-defense class helped me become comfortable with my character. This class helped me become more outgoing and interactive.

- Mark

Self-defense is so much more than physical. In many ways, I felt that attending this self-defense class was like filling a tool box. The purpose of the tool box is to be better prepared for certain situations where my safety, or the safety of others, is threatened. This class also focused on increased awareness of one’s surroundings and techniques to de-escalate an incident before physical violence is involved.


- Kristal

After taking the self-defense class I am much more aware of my surroundings, and I am confident that I have the tools to be able to defend myself if necessary.

- Melanie

The self-defense class not only allowed me to have a workout but taught me serious life lessons that I hope I would never have to face.


- Wanda

PEX classes have been a great addition to my undergraduate career. I was able to meet new people, learn new skills, and earn credit to go towards my GPA. PEX classes also brought a lot of my kinesiology classes to life because I was able to see the different training techniques and programs that enhance human performance. My one regret was not taking a PEX class sooner!



Mariah My PEX class has not only benefited me by making me leaner and fit; it also has definitely improved my mental health.


- Kevin

I really liked being part of this weight training class because it helped me improve my technique and made me start paying attention to what parts of my body each exercise or machine was working.

- Cindy

I didn’t gain a “freshman fifteen” but I was introduced to the “freshman flab." Overwhelmed with schoolwork, surrounded by unhealthy options, and faced with the unfortunate decline of my metabolism, I found myself not liking my body for the first time, and I have made a conscious effort to maintain physical activity in my routine since. I have definitely gotten my workout from the PEX class this semester and learned several lessons about fitness that I wasn’t expecting.

- Kimberly

I had set a goal for myself in August that I was going to lose twenty-five pounds and tone my body to get in overall better shape. I am proud to say that I have lost eighteen pounds and lost five inches along my waistline by taking the PEX class and watching what I ate.


- Heather

The yoga class taught me how to breathe correctly while working out and how to work out with proper form so that I would not hurt myself.


- Joemar

I have felt great improvement in my physical endurance and flexibility. I will keep taking PEX classes every semester until I graduate; they have proved to be extremely helpful on many levels and a positive force in my life.

- Aurelia

I truly enjoyed the cardio kickboxing class because of the new friendships that I made. I never really thought that you could make friends with other people during an exercise class because people usually sign up with at least one other friend, but I did end up making new friends this semester.

- Lara